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Minister for Industry, Resources and Energy, Anthony Roberts today officially launched the Australian Energy Storage Database, a platform to collect and update renewable energy storage information for use by investors, developers, policy makers and researchers.

“The Australian Energy Storage Database brings this State’s renewable energy storage projects to the world and showcases NSW as a leader in advanced energy,” Mr Roberts said.

The Database acts as a tool for mapping out and tracking the progress of current and prospective commercial and utility-scale energy storage projects, allowing investors, contractors, market researchers, planners and academics to scope out opportunities in the sector, increase their visibility and showcase their products to the world.

“It means that for the first time, players in the renewable energy sector will be able to see the whole picture of energy storage penetration and potential in NSW, enabling better decisions on future renewable energy investment.

With nearly 20 NSW energy storage projects listed across Sydney, Newcastle and the Hunter, the Central West and the State’s south, the database is recognition of the immense significance of energy storage to the future of renewable energy.

Mr Roberts said that information on the Australian Database, an international partnership between the Australian Energy Storage Alliance, industry, universities and Government, will be linked to the Global Energy Storage Database developed by the US Department of Energy and Sandia National Laboratories.

“The database will provide our sector with access to the global accumulation of energy storage information and emerging trends, positioning the Australian renewable sector at the forefront of global developments.

The NSW Government provided support to the Database through the State’s Knowledge Hubs Initiative which promotes information sharing and collaborative projects in five key sectors: Energy and Resources, Finance Services, Transport and Logistics, Medical Technology and Digital Creative.

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