Council calls on residents to ‘Imagine Ermington’

Hindi Gaurav :: 29 Aug 2016 Last Updated : Printemail

Ermington residents are being urged to help shape the future of their community by taking part in an initiative which offers locals a chance to engage with Council and their neighbours to turn ideas into reality.


‘Imagine Ermington’ is a new initiative being launched as City of Parramatta celebrates 100 days as a new stronger council. The community engagement website allows locals to search a map of Ermington, choose a location and submit an idea for improving the public domain in their area. Users can also browse, comment on, or support other people’s ideas in a secure and moderated environment.


When all the ideas have been received, one contributor will see their ‘Imagine Ermington’ idea brought to life.


“’Imagine Ermington’ brings people back to the centre. Since City of Parramatta was created Council has been working hard to engage with our community and learn what is important to our residents. ‘Imagine Ermington’ is a powerful and innovative tool that will provide invaluable feedback for Council and empower residents to help shape the future of their community,” Council’s Administrator Amanda Chadwick said.


The website’s goal is to provide a forum for the community to exchange ideas and engage in conversations through a dynamic and accessible online platform. The site complements Council’s existing community and stakeholder engagement activities and will also help inform future upgrades and plans in the Ermington area.


“The ’Imagine Ermington’ website will provide the community with an easy way to share what they would like to see achieved in their local area, and feed those ideas into Council’s planning.


“People will have the opportunity to explain how their idea can benefit the wider community and also how they see Ermington transforming in the future. From a community garden or playground shade, to bicycle racks or bubblers, we encourage residents, workers and visitors in Ermington to get online and contribute to the discussion.


“This type of open conversation demonstrates how we can apply Smart City thinking to work together with the community to drive meaningful, place-based improvements,” Ms Chadwick said.


Ermington has been selected as a test location for the initiative as it is a growing community with a changing demographic. ‘Imagine Ermington’ will provide Council with an insight into the needs of the Ermington community. If the trial is successful ‘Imagine Ermington’ will be rolled out to other suburbs in the LGA.


The trial will continue until 26 September 2016 and people can get involved by visiting Those who submit ideas will also go into the draw to win weekly prizes from local businesses.


In conjunction with the project, City of Parramatta will also host a community event for local residents—the Ermington Feast, from 6-8pm on 19 September.

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