Did you know these 5 things about the Partner Visa?

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Did you know that you could apply for a partner visa even before your marriage is officiated?

If you are committed to marry your partner you can apply for a visa subclass 309 with the intention to get married. However, do keep in mind that this is only applicable to only those who are applying offshore.

Evidence of relationship

This sounds very simple but things can get quite tedious when collecting all the evidence. While photos, texts and messages are easy to gather, it can get a bit tricky when trying to find evidence for social and financial interdependence.

It is costly

At around AUD 7000 it is quite dear on the pocket. It is a big deal investing such a huge sum of money. So it is crucial that the application is lodged correctly the first time. Small oversights can end up costing a pretty penny in the future.

Declarations from friends and family

You need to provide declarations from at least two Australian citizens, permanent residents or eligible NZ citizens, who can testify that your relationship is genuine and continuing. It would be great if you have these evidences handy. After all what are friends for?

Decision ready applications

The more well prepared your application the higher the likelihood of receiving a decision on your application sooner. You should collect all your evidence and supporting documents and organize everything neatly for submission, so that you don’t have to wait for the embassy to ask for missing documents and losing more time in the process.


Lodging a partner visa can be quite complex so it’s always wise to seek professional help. To get customized guidance on your situation, please book a consultation with Reena Augustine from Cornerstone Law Offices by calling 0414109654 or sending a mail on migration@cornerstonelawoffices.com.au.



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